Through enjoyable and instructive activities , we assist kids in activating their bodies and minds.

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Our history

Since 2018 , Children Age has received the most monthly readership among children’s publications for students in Indian schools . Its mission statement is to enhance intellectual prowess and socially contribute to the upbringing of pupils of all ages .

By successfully fusing teaching and enjoyment , Children Age has become very well – liked by children , parents , and educational institutions .

Additionally , it has been successful in segmenting the information for kids in Nursery through Class 9 according to several categories .


The creators of Children Age has made a list of The kids preferred memorising movie songs to poems because it appealed to them . The founders made an effort to teach through the use of colourful drawings , activities , puzzles , and other games , rather than through the use of films . This prompted children to read the information on the photos in addition to drawing them to the images .
Children Age newspaper evolved in response to the success rate of children’s growing reading habits . The Children’s Age took on the form we see today by incorporating innovative ideas as well as reader feedback and suggestions . There are now various portions for school children of various ages .



The main goal of Children Age has been to promote reading habits in young children .

Due to their disinterest in reading , children are frequently seen turning away from books . Children Age’s instructional information is given in the form of graphics , puzzles , and other game activities , which keeps kids interested . This is the main reason why Children Age is read by more than 61 thousand subscribers in India and is so well – liked .

Contests based on these informative and satisfying activities encourage the kids to read the newspaper .

Our Segments

Children Age Seedling

Nursery, lkg , ukg, Kindergarteners , as well as 1st class is illustrated . The newspaper includes games , short poetry , puzzles , and colorful stories with young children in mind .

Children Age Junior

This segment is for kids in classes 2 to 4 . The content portion includes tasks , articles , games , puzzles , crafts , and more that are appropriate for their level of reading and comprehension .

Children Age Senior

Children in fifth through ninth grades should see this portion .

The content section offers general knowledge , science , history , arithmetic , and other subjects that are within their level of reading and comprehension . It also includes experiments , news , activities , articles , games , puzzles , and crafts .